Designing for James Carroll


The Client's Needs

With James' latest book release, The Cloister, his publicist was strongly urging him to update his website. His previous site had ended up a catch-all for everything he had ever written or published, some of which dated back forty years or more. It was my job to help him choose what would be the most interesting to readers of both his new and older works.

A Fine-tooth Comb

Using Google Docs, we pulled all of the content off of his old site and began to heavily edit and sort. He was happy to remove most of his oldest work that wasn't available anymore. He identified a few of his most recent books that he wanted to highlight, along with his writing for The New Yorker and his adapted documentary. 

Jack of all Frames

James was such a great sport about being a model for me. We needed updated portraits of him, and he graciously allowed me into his home (and even up to the roof!) to get the photographs we needed.


The Result

The new site was designed to be clean and elegant. The landing page highlighted his latest release and a carousel with more promoted books. 

A few pages are presented here, but you can also check out the live site at


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