Similar to six degrees from Kevin bacon, puns are essentially finding degrees away from the original concept. Take tree puns. What is one degree away from a tree? Leaves, branches, roots. These are your most common answers. And that’s what many logos are. They are just one degree away from the story they’re trying to tell (What I call low-hanging fruit). But the truly remarkable logos are often telling multiple stories. or finding concepts that are one or two degrees further than the first thing you think of. The first thing that people want to design whenever they are creating logos for services that help others is almost always some variation of hands. Holding hands, hands shaped into hearts. well let’s play the pun game with hands. “Hand”les are a good start. What are handles for? They’re for steadiness, support. That seems like a unique logo mark to try drawing.

Not only will it help you come up with new ways to visually show an idea, but it’s also great exercise for your brain. Use the opportunity to stretch your vocabulary. Also, use the opportunity to annoy your friends. You don’t have to be particularly smart or clever to practice making puns – you just need to plant the seed and leaf it to grow. I’m rooting for you.